We have expertise in running merit review cases at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (“AAT”). If the Minister’s delegate has refused your visa application and you are eligible to apply to the AAT, we can assist you. You will incur a lodging fee payable to the AAT. Also, you will pay for the services of your Registered Migration Agent.

Visa Refusals occur when the delegate of the Minister notifies an applicant that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection have decided not to the grant the visa sought by the Applicant.


The Visa Refusal notification will usually include instructions on what the Applicant needs to do or whether the decision is reviewable.If the decision is reviewable in accordance with the Migration Act, you can appeal the decision at the AAT. You will need the services of a Registered Migration Agent.


At the AAT, the merits of the decision will be reviewed, if the Tribunal confirms the decision, you may choose to appeal the decision at the Federal Circuit Court (FCC). However, the appeal at the FCC is a judicial review and not a merits review of the decision.

Our staff can assist you at both stages of appeal.Furthermore, we also have access to a panel of barristers who are subject matter experts in Immigration Law. We would brief counsel to represent and your matter at the Federal Circuit Court or Federal Court, if the AAT affirms the Minister’s decision to refuse your visa application.